Best USB Hubs for Less than $20

Learn what is the rule that you must follow to choose a USB Hub. We also give you 4 tips to buy right now for less than $20.

At present, it is possible to buy a new laptop, especially a ultrabook, that you’ve noticed that it only has 2 or 3 USB ports. This does not have to always be a problem because it is more than enough most of the time, but if you are like me who uses the two available to add a couple of peripherals and work with a second monitor, surely you’ll be needing a USB Hub.

How to choose a USB Hub

I tried to buy many USB Hub, but all were of very poor quality. The best thing to choose the appropriate is guided by an important rule, which will make it more expensive, but will be a lasting investment: the device must have a cable to the USB port and the other to connect to an common outlet.


Super AMOLED by Samsung

During the WMC 2010 in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress), one of the highlights of the hand of Samsung was the development of the new Super AMOLED technology as defined on abbreviationfinder. The initial idea of the Asian giant is introduced initially in the not-too-distant future on the screens of their new mobile phones. This new technology developing, its main advantages are a lower thickness (due to the Elimination of the tactile upper layers that are included in conventional TFT and AMOLED screens), higher image quality, higher brightness and contrast, vivid colors, better viewing angles and a touch response improved against the current screens. But, in the event of previous concepts we are easier to understand, Samsung has produced a video that visually explains the benefits of this new technology. In fact, Samsung has already announced that it will launch a mobile display 3.3 inches and resolution of 800 × 480 pixels which will make use of this new technology, and even begins to rumors, it seemed weird that it does not leave to the fore, that Apple’s next iPhone also could host it among its features, which help reduce their thickness compared to the current models.


Meizu HD50 Hi-Fi Headphones

The choice of headphones is never easy to tell the difference between very cheap models and those one rung above one must inevitably prove many and stealing your actual distances in terms of comfort, durability, convenience and audio quality. I believe that paying the extra pay in the long run, because a good pair of headphones (both hi-fi is in-ear) can last for years, unlike those super economy that in the blink of an eye, they end up in the trash.

In recent weeks I have tried the HD50 of, a Hi-Fi flush (removable) already submitted at the end of 2015 and available in Italy in two colours Silver/Black and completely Silver. The first thing that catches the eye of these Meizu is the design, well groomed and detail, with leather details even on the wide and soft headband, a solution that does not stress the ears and allows extended use. (more…)

The Best Outdoor Cell Phones for the Adventurous

If it is to go from the urban jungle in the wilderness, high demands are made on the Smartphone. Outdoor phones are the right choice for this occasion, keep them but falls, scratches, dust, and rain out – a model is as dense and robust, reveal the IP protection classes. And we’ll show you which models are really worth a close look here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Mid-2013 the market leader from South Korea brought his powerful Smartphone flagship on the market another variant, which is certified with the protection class IP67. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S4 active is dust-tight and protected against temporary immersion. As a product variant of the Galaxy S4 it brings its 5-inch full HD display and the strong performance, while the compactness by more robust housing – accept small losses to be exact: hardly more than an additional millimeters in height, width and depth, as well as 23 grams of extra weight.


The Best Apps for Android Tablets

With the launch of the Google Nexus 7 which is now available and features tablet accessories for all brands, Android tablets are no longer poor iPad copies. They are beautiful and good units with great potential. And Android 4.1 Jellybean provides a completely new experience. To get even more out of your tablet, you also get some useful apps. Here is a list of the best Android applications.

Some believe that the official Twitter application is not good enough for tablet Pcs. Fortunately, works, a very appropriate Plume Twitter app, good enough on Android tablets, so you don’t miss out on Twitter on your Android tablet. Social networks are very popular and there are many applications for Android tablets. In addition to the official Facebook application, there are also FriendFeed Caster for Facebook, which includes all the most frequently used functions.

Did you know that there exists a free Kindle app for Android-capsules? With this application you can buy and read e-books and the app is very simple to use. With Sony Crackle app lets you play videos and popular television programs for free, and to your own videos is the MXPlayer, perhaps the best video player for Android tablets. MXPlayer can play a variety of video formats (avi, mkv, divx …).

Twitter, Medium, to Experiment with Jelly and the Art

Who once founded a successful startup (and best selling) has, which are all Silicon Valley disciples at the foot. An example of this is Twitter co-founder of Evan Williams, who messing around for a year to medium. If we are honest, the platform is just a better WordPress – so a sophisticated content management system that allows anyone who is in need of release, publish his texts on

No one knows what Evan Williams does with his new playground “Medium”. But all rely on him.


Galaxy S5: When is It Coming?

Very soon. In fact there are still sleep 12 times until the new Galaxy S5 will be presented, because everything indicates that Samsung will introduce his new flagship Smartphone Galaxy S5 on 24 February 2014, the first day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona from February 24 to 27, and where all the latest smartphones and tablets about starts very likely therefore that Samsung officially presents the eagerly awaited Galaxy S5 on the first day of the fair. The expectations of the South Koreans and their Galaxy S5 are high.


New Mobile Compliant? You Can Have It!

You want a new phone? One with all gadgets and a madness facilities? One that draws everyone’s attention, if you’re with your friends again? With us on you will find your new smartphone guaranteed – there’s always the newest models from Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia, LG, HTC, Huawei, BlackBerry and many other brands in our online shop. We have 30,000 devices constantly in stock!


Deutsche Telekom Has the Best Network

You know even the broadcast “how to please?”, which ran in the 1990s on RTL? In the show, actors took companies and their strange practices on the grain. Was actually always: Deutsche Telekom. Your service has fired since actually getting the bird. It seems for now to be, at least if one looks at the current test results of Telekom. In Bonn, you can knock at least currently properly on the shoulder:

In the August issue of the magazine “Connect”, Deutsche Telekom has become test winner in terms of “Fixed network test”. She was awarded in the reader’s choice of ‘connect’ also for the 14.Mal consecutive 1st place as “Mobile operator of the year 2013” and got even the “LTE vendor of the year” award.


Whatsapp is More Important Than the Social Networks?

According to a survey, young people use their Smartphone around three and a half hours a day. With the phone and the text they have it but not so for the least time seemingly dies, because just 13 minutes are the ones who write them with phone calls and SMS spend as the news magazine “Focus”, citing a survey reported the Agency mindshare marketing and the “Academy of the media” in Stuttgart.

The short message service Whatsapp is right – the 18-to 25-year use it as a substitute for SMS more than an hour a day. If Whatsapp you can send short messages, videos and photos on the Internet against a one-off payment or a small annual fee. It is amazing that the short message service Whatsapp is Twitter and co. even more important and more popular than Facebook, according to this survey. These social networking sites use the respondents daily for about 44 minutes, browsing the Internet and games rank in third place of the use.