Phones Pregnancy

How many times have you heard? The fault lies with the whole of the mother! Supports psychoanalysis, say many educators and, now, is part of our knowledge gained from childhood trauma, induced by a mother who, willy-nilly, exerts a power over her child, at times, negative. Prof. Ferrari explains what kind of mom shouldn’t be. Mom, hold on tight!

In my work as “pediatrician/popularizer” often write and the Moms who are, after the baby, the absolute protagonists of my books. Sometimes, reserve them some slap on the ear but I accompany every reproach with the research of the reasons for some of their behaviors that, for the sake of the baby, I would not share. I will describe to you certain attitudes that I note in some moms and feel special signals psychological aspects. Are behaviors that can make you sorridere…ma “sometimes laughing and joking …”. (more…)

Which Mobile Phone Plan to Choose

In recent years, mobile operators divide their bids in two categories: with or without commitment. In which case it is better to opt for one or the other of these formulas?

The mobile phone users are now divided into two groups of equal importance. A half continues to remain faithful to the mobile packages carry a commitment of twelve or twenty-four months, while others have chosen freedom and coercion offered a package without commitment . More recently, this type of formula is booming indeed.


Sony Xperia Tablet Reviews

@evleaks wishes us good start week in his own way, publishing the specifications of the new Sony-branded tablet, successor of the already very good Xperia Tablet Z you see depicted in the opening image.

his Xperia Xperia Z2 tablet Tablet Z2, or, as he calls the known informant, we didn’t know anything yet, but the picture that one para now before doesn’t seem so far from the first model.


Samsung Galaxy Tab pro

There is a detail of the new Galaxy Tabpro\r 10.1 that has escaped to the various press releases and official announcement at CES in Las Vegas, and the quality of your screen

It seems that Samsung has used a Panel PenTile RGBW, that despite the very high resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels (WQXGA), makes it look a little less defined than his siblings, have probably “regular” RGB array.


Todoist for Android Arrives at Version 9

New major update for one of the most popular third-party personal productivity apps, Todoist, after about nine months from that version 8 which had introduced Material Design finally.There can be no complete turnaround, but a broad process of refining and improving the style inspired by Google enriched by several features all new. The official changelog reads:

  • Adding quick smart now also recognizes projects (ex: Launch #Android) and tenants (eg. + John)
  • Separate two tasks to add another one in the middle of the list of projects
  • Celebrate the end of the day with beautiful #TodoistZero and statistics screens daily productivity
  • Have full support for external keyboards
  • And dozens of other improvements …


Dortmund Model Show 2016

A highlight of the year is now just around the corner. Thus the preparations go so slowly but surely for Intermodellbau show in the final phase. For from 20:04. until 04.24.2016 it is time again. The Intermodellbau opens its doors at the Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund for all model enthusiasts. Especially for fans of model aircraft, there will be a great fair novelties and demonstrations again.

So there are for example two days Flugforführungen in the halls, but also in outdoor stadium Rote Erde. Especially interesting for active modeller is probably the Expertec. This is an expert forum for model, which takes place from 22 to 24 April of this year the trade fair. For this purpose, the German Modellfliger Association is already achieving first exhibits and topics such as a Handly Page-a four-engined biplane machine and the treatment of a trend topic: FPV race with Multicoptern. This topic has been experiencing letzdem year a real influx of risk-taking model pilots.


Investment in the Field of Virtual Reality Have Already Reached 1.1 Billion in 2016

Virtual reality and augmented reality are reaching its peak in 2016, after this that bloomed last year and created a very high level of hype among consumers. Consequently, the volume of investment is growing we talk about 1.1 billion dollars in the last two months of 2016, compared with 692 million in 2015.

The report details reveal the large amount of investment in this sector including advertising, distribution, hardware, VR, video, games and apps. (more…)