Munch Time, a Game Starring a Cute Chameleon with Hungry

Today we bring you a Munch Time, a game that mixes platforms with puzzles starring a cute Chameleon eager to eat, so much that you will have to do all the stunts that can to reach their food.

Our mission is to control the Chameleon using his long tongue so it engages the flowers to swing between them and thus move along the stage to reach their food, a little worm. To completely pass each level we will have to pick up the three stars before eat the worm. (more…)

Virtua Tennis Challenge Now Available for More Devices Android

A month ago are put on sale temporary exclusively for the range Sony Xperia play Virtua Tennis Challenge. Now SEGA announces that the exclusivity has already completed and from today more Android devices can download their famous tennis game.

SEGA announces that there are more than 100 Android devices of any brand can already enjoy from Virtua Tennis Challenge, among which the most popular are included. The game is currently on sale in Google Play the price of 3.82 euros. (more…)

Virtua Tennis Challenge Now Available for Devices Xperia

In January, we saw that the Virtua Tennis franchise would reach Android with an exclusive temporary for some Xperia devices in the coming months, and today was the date chosen by SEGA and Sony Mobile to get game for those devices on sale.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the first game in the series that makes the leap to smartphones and goes on sale in Google Play priced at 4.57 euros. Finally the game offers 18 International stadiums and 50 fictional tennis players. (more…)