Revolutionary New App: Get Healthy with CrackTrack

App CrackTrack turns up and down the way you monitor your health. Now you can measure your temperature on the go.

Training, step or pulse-the smart phone is an excellent Assistant when there must be kept track of their health.

A significant health value, however, has long been missing, to give the full picture of your state of health: body temperature.

Is there a little fever on the way? Overheats you during exercise? Or would you just like to be able to monitor how your body temperature evolves? So is CrackTrack app for you.


Android 6.0 Marshmallow Rolls Now in Addition to OnePlus One

Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolls right now in addition to OnePlus One. If you can’t wait, you can already now even install the upgrade.

Back to november promised OnePlus the last Marshmallow-version for top models OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 in 1. quarter of 2016. OnePlus upgrade released as a beta version for OnePlus 2 just before the deadline, but with the situation little One is another OnePlus.

The phone is equipped with software adaptation Cyanogen US, as not being developed by myself, but by the OnePlus Cyanogen. US confused often with cyanogen CyanogenMod (even OnePlus’ software Manager makes it in this forum thread), but there are major differences between these two. When CyanogenMod is developed by volunteers and is open-source, OnePlus’ Cyanogen US-adaptation, by contrast, created by the commercial company, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod, there arose from the open project and still based very much on it. (more…)

Find Free Stuff with the App “Ta’ Det’ for Android and iOS

The app “ta’ it” is a new portal for Android and iOS, where you can find absolutely free and give free stuff to others in your area.

There are lots of portals, websites and apps for the buying and selling of goods, but not someone where it’s all about giving and receiving totally free stuff. This is what the new, Danish iOS and Android app “ta’ it” will do easily.

“Our mission has from the start been to reverse the overspending to a free resource for the enjoyment of all. We have focused on creating the market’s easiest, safest and most entertaining free portal, which provides that it is always a good experience to give things away or play for free treasure hunter in the immediate area. It is very much an app for the world’s happiest people, “ telling the creator behind the app, Rasmus Thude, to the mobile site. (more…)

Blackberry Launches Two Android Smartphones This Year

The Canadian producer, BlackBerry, debuted last year with Android-Smartphone Priv. This year facing the manufacturer back with two more Android phones.

Crisis hit the BlackBerry has had difficulty finding a foothold in the smartphone market, which no longer demanded physical keyboards to the same degree-something just past BlackBerry’s smartphones excels at. Better were it nor by the fact that BlackBerry stubbornly continued to use its own BlackBerry OS-operating system and therefore suffered from an enormous lack of apps.

Therefore the manufacturer last year took a major step and launched its first smartphone with Android as the operating system instead of BlackBerry OS. It was with the model Priv, which has got something lukewarm reviews and have not been selling something. (more…)

Microsoft: Our Focus Is Not on Windows Phone This Year

Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has not been a great success, and now recognizes the it giant, that one doesn’t have the focus on the Windows Phone in years.

Due to many months of delays, it is still the vast majority of smartphones with Windows, which runs with Windows Phone (77.7%) instead of the latest Windows Mobile (9.5%), 10 which was launched in november.

In spite of the fact that market shares for Windows Phone is so high among Windows phones, are no longer operating system a priority at Microsoft. It tells Microsoft’s Windows Chief, Terry Myerson, for The Vergeafter the page noticed that Windows Phone was more or less forgotten to Microsoft’s Build-Developer Conference, which is in full swing up to and including today.


Top Models Will Be More Expensive, But Purchased Still More

Prices of top models increases, but it deters not consumers who bought more premium-smartphones in 2015 than in 2014.

Over the last few years, the prices of the most expensive smartphones smoked in the weather. In spite of it shows a study by Counterpoint Research that abroad anyway be purchased several top models at a price of the equivalent of the minimum 2,600 dollars.

It seems, therefore, that there is an increased demand for smartphones with the high price tags and topspecifikationer. It writes Bloomberg.

Analysis the Department IDC has observed that the average price of a smartphone from a manufacturer like Chinese Huawei in 2015 is smoked 17% in the weather while premium models such as last year’s Huawei P8 represents a larger share of the producer’s selling smartphones.


OnePlus 2 Can Now Be Upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

OnePlus Publisher Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the top model OnePlus 2 as a beta version. For a start you may, however, be responsible to install the software manually.

After Android 6.0 Marshmallow was published in its final form at the end of last year, announced the OnePlus its plans to upgrade the still relatively small portfolio of smartphones.

It sounded quite accurately, that the latest top model, 2′ eren, would receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow during the first three months of the new year, just as the same would apply to its predecessor, OnePlus One-just with Android-porting Cyanogen US.

Now they are three months gone, and two days before the deadline date would be exceeded, went OnePlus ‘ software Manager, Helen, to the keys on the company’s forum and published Android 6.0 Marshmallow to OnePlus 2 as promised-and yet not quite. (more…)

LG G5: This Is the First Reviews

The first foreign reviews of LG G5 has landed. The mobile site has taken a look at what reviewers verdict is.

This year’s top model from South Korean LG, G5, approaching the launch here in Denmark-Yes, actually, there are only exactly one week to when it can be purchased from Friday the 15th. April.

However, the G5 is already the country in SELECT American store shelves from the 1. April, and this means that the first reviews as has come. The mobile site has therefore been on tour with the American tech pages, which has given judgment on LG-top model.

Until we get LG mobile page G5 to test, you can therefore already now get an early insight into what goes again by the good and not so good things, according to the foreign critics – here represented by CNET,, droid-life, Phone Arena and Computerworld. (more…)

Plenti Raises Data Ceiling on Free Data

The phone company does not in terms so you now Plenti gets more data to the free data package. Complicated? Read the explanation here.

Earlier this month got Denmark’s newest mobile company Plenti, debut. For differ from the amount of telecommunications subscriptions and their numerous voice and data packages, the company itself turns on a single concept: free data, free speech and free text messages and a wide entertainment package with, among other magazines, books, journals, Tivoli-tours and newspapers: 199 kroner per month and everything is inclusive.

Nærlæste you the fine print, however, it became clear that not everything was inclusive. Data sharing, also known as tethering, was not free. Here sounded restriction on 5 GB per month. (more…)

The FBI Cannot Open the Newer iPhones Than 5 c

The FBI finally got access to terrorists iPhone 5 c by purchasing a special tool, but it does not work with newer iPhones such as iPhone 5s and 6s.

Apple gave it to the FBI, which is required to access an iPhone 5 c belonging to one of the terrorists behind the San Bernardino-attacked last year. Thus, the federal police provide access by other routes.

For CNN Money informs FBI Director James Comey, instead bought a tool from the third party that has been able to open up for terroristens iPhone 5 c.

“The trial between the State and the Apple about San Bernardino-phone is completed, because the State has purchased, from a private party, a solution to get into the 5 c-phone with iOS 9.0″ he says to the page. (more…)