Samsung E760

Samsung’s new E760 has the function you can’t be without. So just put in the time to shake the phone, which is first and foremost a design for.

Where the heck is the photo light? I often use this when I’m looking for keys or need to find your way in the dark, and when I take interior shots, of course. It seems annoying when it suddenly no longer available on the phone. Even though the phones have had built photo light in a man’s age-okay, maybe not quite so long-Samsung has opted out of this in their new E760. As for the camera, it is also a step back for Samsung, as with D600 reached 2 megapixel. The model is not that much more expensive than E760. (more…)

Panasonic Vs 6

Panasonic vs 6 is a little strange phone. It has a really good screen and a 2-megapixel camera. Other details feels rather than something obsolete.

Thin phones are fashionable and Panasonic would also be on board. Panasonic’s new series of phones have model designations VS should pay for “Visual Slim”. So very slim’s nonetheless not vs 6 about to be honest. It feels more like a standard clamshell mobile in format.

A clever detail with VS 6, however, is that it’s pretty easy to be opened with one hand, thanks to a mechanical spring-design. By pressing your thumb on a button on the hinge flips the phone quickly. It is convenient when you want to answer the phone. (more…)

Garmin Nuvi 350

A truly pocket-friendly navigator-which is also mp3 player, picture viewer, and a translator. The Garmin nuvi is a very practical travel companion.

The Garmin nuvi is very user friendly and easy to use in every way, with a single exception: when I try to mount the holder in your car, I fail completely. How I try, it is not possible, although I’ve trimmed wind inside the box carefully and made attempt after attempt to get the suction cup to attach to its inside. It all ends with that I give up and place the device in an indentation on top of the dashboard.

When I turn on the Nuvi, and choose Open Map, the contact with the satellites on a little over half a minute and place and me and the car in the right Street. When I located me in life, I go back to the main menu which offers two additional options. “Where to?” do you use when you want to go to any particular place, and during the “Ride” you will find all the things you can use during your trip, if you do not run yourself and when you reach the goal if you sit behind the wheel. (more…)

E-Ten M600

E-ten is not content with making a smart phone with Microsoft Windows Mobile. They have also stopped into an unusually powerful processor to handle Skype and some very smart software.  

Sure, E-ten M600 is designed to be useful. But the matte black plastic shell feels more stylish than the more trite silver shells that dominated on mobile products in recent years. The front of the phone is dominated entirely by generous color screen. The buttons are few. Below the screen are red and green handset, and a mediocre designed trackpad for menus. On this page, the volume button and camera button. (more…)

Sequel with Style

A year and a half ago surprised Motorola mobile world with the first luxurious metal faced thin clamshell phone. The sequel Razr V3x offers significantly more under the hood.

After Motorola’s success with design cell phone Razr came a wave of similar models. But the V3x is not really so much a design mobile. The focus of this phone is at least as much on features.

But, as with its predecessor, Motorola has invested in materials. The metal frame feels durable. The back and the front covered by a surface with rubber feel. It makes the phone doesn’t slip but is stuck in the hand and on the table.

V3x has first of all in Sweden started to be sold in a Vodafone version. It has not the rubbery surface of the shell, but instead a completely shiny metallic shell. In General, the difference is mostly limited to Vodafone version has other icons. (more…)

Nokia 7380

It is a challenge to learn how to use 7380, but it is possible. The design is among the most spectacular, but without voice control, we would quickly grow tired of it.

Forget everything you know about cell phones. You can easily summarize Nokia’s rod-mobile 7380, of good and evil. While the phone’s unique look is its main strength, it also puts some sticks in the wheels. If we start with the look so it is an important positive quality because 7380 is made to appear and stand out. It succeeds the undeniably good with. We’ve thought of every detail and, in practice, the surface take considerably more attention than normal phones. Features ports easily overlooked behind all the glitz and glamour. This is not to say that the phone lacks features. There is music player, Web browser and a radio. (more…)

Samsung i300

The first hard disk is Samsung i300 and on three gigabytes to get undeniably a lot. The phone swallow both music, pictures and video.

With two batteries in the box, one of which a clumsy high performance battery, it is easy to recall the time when 3 g was too new, and Three were forced to send with dual batteries to phones would meet the requirements you can ask. Battery supply into the box in other words seems ominous for battery life and we get confirmed after a period of testing.

I300 is the first hard drive cell phone out in the store, and maybe there’s a reason why there aren’t more. We can see the hard drive first by phone becomes unusually warm and that the phone is quite big compared to the competition, especially with the more powerful battery. (more…)

Sony Ericsson J210i

Camera? Nix. Bluetooth? Non. Sony Ericsson J210i, do not buy if you’re looking for bells and whistles. Here is the simplicity.

Are you looking for a mobile phone to call, text and possibly WAP during a little? Sneeze you ate all that larvar about with camera phones and with wild frenzy trying to fill the Teddy with music? Continue reading, for Sony Ericsson J210i can be the phone for you. Personally I believe enough that my parents would appreciate the simplicity, size and lack of camera and mp3 player.

The phone is well in hand, and the size is just right. The phone goes down in a trouser pocket, but is not so small that you lose it. When you hold it in one hand, it is easy to access the keypad. The buttons are well separated, which reduces the risk of misprints. It is no problem to press a number or navigate around the menus, even with gloves on. Very good and clear. (more…)

Motorola E770v

E770v is a Vodafone Mobile phone from Motorola for the most part-but not to shine.

It’s quick to get started with Motorola E770v. Operator undeniably an advantage bound mobiles have-that all the settings are in place from the beginning. Mobile Portal Vodafone Live has its own shortcut from standby and it shows that this is a phone that will attract to the purchase of content services.

The games that come with are only trial versions and the menu system contains many links to paid content. Despite the fact that there is no risk of buying something by mistake, because the information is clear and there is never any doubt about which features are included in your phone and what costs extra. (more…)

Hagenuk Classico

There are DECT phones with color display, sms functionality, camera, polyphonic ringtones, calendar and extended phone book which can be synced with Outlook. But Hagenuk Classico try to survive solely on appearance.

Hagenuk Classico is sleek, and appearance, it can probably fall a lot in taste. The base unit and the handset is circular shaped as a half cylinder, with straight lines. The handset is slim, but the rounded rear makes it still feels good in the hand. The plastic used in the shell, however, is a little too slippery to hold. (more…)

Tracker My Way

My Way is the name of a gps will also work at sea and in the forest–not just for navigation in the car. But the ambitions to succeed with everything creates some problems.

Tracker My Way trying to accomplish several things at once, and as is so often the case, it means that one does not succeed fully in all fields. The part of the program that will help with navigation in the car do what it should, but not any more. this program is supplied on a memory card that you just need the right on your phone to get started. In addition to the software itself for navigation are also road maps of Scandinavia. All that is needed before one can start to navigate is to pair your phone with a gps receiver. (more…)