Smartphones HTC U Ultra And u Play: With Dual-Display, Ai, And Lots Of Glass To Alter Starch

With its two new Android smartphones U Ultra and U play dares HTC a new start in terms of design and is trying to win back the fans of yore with lots of glass, a second display and an intelligent wizard and reach new.

HTC will U Ultra and U play exciting with the Smartphones: instead of the edgy, and since the first HTC one clean metal finish, putting at the new U-series on lots of glass and much rounder shapes. To do this, there are in the top model U ultra not only the expected high-end technology, but also a small second display on the large 5.7-inch main screen.


Huawei: The Great day of The Lord Yu

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei put a confident appearance at CES in Las Vegas. With the current top Smartphone now attacks the group in the United States. In their sights: Apple.

Richard Yu is proud. “Six years ago, nobody knew who we are,” said the CEO of Huawei’s device Division on Thursday at the CES in Las Vegas. That has now changed: with its smartphones it brought Huawei by the unknown network supplier to a global known electronics brand. 2017, the Association of the U.S. consumer electronics industry Yu has invited to hold one of the major keynotes of the fair.


Android Statistics: Grows Stronger as Nougat, Froyo out Marshmallow

In the monthly distribution of Android version appears for the first time Android 7.1 on, but 7.1 and 7.0 together grow hard. More Android 6 sets and is the most common single version now.

Share of Android has dropped for the first time below 0.1 per cent 2.2 Froyo, so this old version in Googles of monthly statistics of the Android version distribution no longer shows up. For the first time, Froyo was released in July 2010, the largest spread there in May 2011: 65.9 percent. Now, gingerbread (Android 2.3.3 to 2.3.7) is the oldest listed version with still 1 percent share.


Smartphones: China Imports For Volume Spenders

A high-end Smartphone for less than 300 euros? No problem, if you order it directly in China. But even if the equipment technically reach the level of the established competition, there are some pitfalls that must be considered before making the purchase.

In recent years, Chinese manufacturers emulate the great and famous brand models often only with cheap copies. But now forward there more and more top devices at surprisingly low prices lure: OnePlus, Xiamoi, Meizu and LeEco produce under his own name in high-end smartphones, that an Apple iPhone or virtually unrelated to Samsung Galaxy S7, but sometimes only half cost.


ZTE Wants To Remove Some 3,000 Points

ZTE wants to build from 2017 about 3,000 of about 60,000 jobs in the first quarter. With this measure, the group react bad sales numbers for smartphones and threatening export restrictions imposed by the United States.

The Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier ZTE will build off 5 percent of its jobs in the current quarter–about 3,000 of its jobs. With this step, the group react bad business numbers and threatening export restrictions by the United States, reports Reuters.


Kickstarter Project: With “Steadycam Volt” Smartphone Videos Should Wiggle Much Less

With the “Steadycam Volt” has developed an electronic Gimbalsystem Steadycam for video recording with the Smartphone. It is financed through a Kickstarter project, it should be available in June. But the tripod is not exactly cheap.

Steadycamin Burbank, CA, has introduced an electronic Gimbalsystem for the stabilized video capture with smart phones Volt with the Steadycam. The stabilizer is designed for unit weights from 100 to 200 grams, the housing width must be between 58 and 80 millimetres.


#Heiseshow: Battery Technology Continues The Development Of Mobile Devices At The Limit-How?

Samsung’s Smartphone Galaxy note 7 was withdrawn from the market due to massive battery problems. Not only the first equipment burned through, also the second. We discuss what can currently battery technology and what limits it currently uses, in the #heiseshow.
After Samsung with the Galaxy note 7 beyond compare has produced a business failure, the company sought an in-depth analysis of the note 7. It built a large series of tests for it and let the batteries also external auditors decide because the Smartphones could get not only with the original lithium-ion battery of subsidiary of Samsung SDI to fire, but also the Exchange devices with batteries of the supplier of ATL bargen this danger. What was went wrong?


Galaxy note 7: How It Came To The Short Circuit And What Is Happening Now

Samsung has done good effort to find the cause of spontaneous combustion of its top model. In addition to Samsung themselves of TÜV Rheinland and the testing laboratories conducted UL and exponent investigations. A total of 300,000 note 7 were tested.

Verifying the PIN smartphones was complicated this that the first version as well as the Exchange version of the pen Smartphone with an other battery types were affected. Samsung has built a large loading and unloading loading phalanx for the tests. There charging and discharging cycles were wired and wireless, with and without fast-charge mode, with and without rear cover, and performed with different voltage and ampere values. Also the electrical power for operation of the new iris scanner was measured. In addition, situations of excessive power consumption were sought. The Auditors have used various pre-installed and downloaded apps, even under unusual conditions of the software.

Total technicians about 200,000 Galaxy have taken according to the since the autumn 700 note 7 and more than 30,000 batteries in the deficiency. At the various tests showed both both versions of the Galaxy is a grade 7 as both versions of battery rapid heat development. No discernible correlations to specific test scenarios should have been but it. The investigation of the quality of components, Assembly and logistics showed no errors.