Tablet-PC: Samsung shows LTE-Enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Update)

Galaxy tab now LTE capable

The Tablet PC with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi offers thanks to the new LTE module now four ways to connect wireless n standard and HSPA + (UMTS). On the almost 23 centimeter device is the Android operating system in version 3.2 used. Samsung has the LTE version in addition still missed a new dual-core processor: it brought the ancestor at a clock frequency of only one gigahertz, now runs the CPU at 1.5 gigahertz a tad bit faster.

Smaller Galaxy Tab as a Stopgap

With 8.9 inch, Samsung operated a unusual until now housing size. For any technical, but a legal declaration can be found: for Apple the Galaxy tab in the ten-inch format is similar to the iPad 2. The group saw a violation of trademark law and sued. In August 2011, it came to the provisional sales ban. (more…)

Samsung’s Smartphone Classification

Larger Galaxy
Samsung enlarged the product range: the manufacturer agrees its smartphones on the interests of individual groups of buyers from young to old, whether recreational or professional. To the overview, he shares the models in five categories. Within the group, there are three additional variants. The new names to help customers to quickly see their performance characteristics and to classify the mobile phones.

All the Galaxy series phones running the Android operating system. The wave series includes devices with Bada operating system. Here read more about the categories: (more…)

New Apple Boss: Who Is Tim Cook?

Tim Cook is considered in addition to jobs as one of the main architects of the economic success of the iPhone and iPad manufacturer. The chief operating officer responsible for the day-to-day business ensures that after the implementation of bold visions at the end of black figures in the books are. The US magazine Fortune paid tribute as the genius behind Steve of Cook.
All about the resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple crisis: upheld Cook
Jobs brought the former IBM and Compaq Manager 1998 Apple and cook quickly cracked down when the company was struggling. He graduated its own production plants and put on customer-driven companies. He melted the stocks from months to days. So were at Apple during the rapid model change in the electronics industry no outlet devices as contaminated sites around. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S at Aldi Nord

Top Smartphone
The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 appeared in Germany in July 2010 and has thus already more than a year under his belt. Now the sequel is Samsung Galaxy S2 the spearhead of the Galaxy family and also a revised version, which Samsung Galaxy S plus available already. Nevertheless, is not among the Galaxy S yet the old iron and is ranked three of COMPUTER image leaderboard.

Facilities and operation
The four inches (10.2 centimeters) wide Super-AMOLED display (active matrix organic light emitting diode) displays 800 x 480 pixels. The screen with high contrast and vibrant colours. Of a gigahertz processor clock speed ensures a high operating speed. The Smartphone in 720 p (1280 x 720 pixels) stores videos. Photos offer effectively 3.4 million pixels. For video calling the Galaxy S already has a front-facing camera. Read more details, check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy S. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy W

However, there is a critical difference: users need to take a slightly smaller touchscreen model in purchase. The display measures only 3.7 (9.4 cm) instead of 4 inches and works not with AMOLED, but with conventional LCD technology. Sharpness, contrast, and brightness for an LCD at a good level, on the Galaxy S it does not match but. Thanks to the display size, the Galaxy can be transport W still well in the Pocket, at the same time not constantly is the display scroll enough, thus the user while surfing the Web and zoom must.

Knowledge: LCD and AMOLED – Display work

Camera: pale colors

Display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, the display is correspondingly sharp. However, the screen even at full brightness is quite dark. The colors are pale and little power. Little also convinced the 5-megapixel camera on the back. HD resolution while not bad up to 1280 x 720 pixels, but in practice was a strong red cast. She Knipse produced but rarely sharp photos with auto focus and photo light. On the front allows the equivalent of a VGA video calls. (more…)

Aldi Laptop in the Test: Medion Akoya E7220 (MD98740) for 499 Euro

Price war with notebook computers

a few weeks before Hewlett-Packard was the 17-inch model is HP Pavilion G7-1116sg for 499 euro out (rated 2.43). Now counters Aldi with the Medion Akoya E7220 also 499 euros. The test shows whether this round of Medion’s.

Centerpiece of the new Aldi notebook is an Intel Core i3 processor-2310 M from the current generation Sandy Bridge. Its two computing cores work with a clock frequency of 2.10 gigahertz. The Akoya uses Intel HD 3000 graphics chip built into the main processor, a separate graphics processor is not installed. Four gigabytes of memory and 699 gigabytes of storage are quite lush for a notebook of this price class. If you need more space, incorporates an extra hard drive with just a few hand movements: the appropriate compartment in the base of the housing is available. DVD burner and card reader are on board. (more…)

Seagate GoFlex Satellite: External Storage Solution for iPad, Android co.

Wireless hard disk

Music, photos and especially HD videos are memory hogs. Tablets are the exception with 64 gigabytes, because manufacturers long down neatly: 16 gigabyte cost iPad 2 up to 100 euros. Seagate GoFlex satellite offers 500 gigabyte space and is the first external hard drive for Tablet PCs, smartphones, and almost all Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Up to three devices at the same time access via b/g/n standard on the plate (of course this also applies to net and notebooks). Via Wi-Fi or Internet, it should also be possible from outside with the plate in the domestic network to connect.

So that it works, the free app GoFlex media should be installed. But also with the Web browser. The little box generates an own Wi-Fi hotspot. Caution: The password function is out of House disabled! Everyone connected to this wireless network has access to the data and can stream as videos or music or look at pictures. Disadvantage: For access to the Internet you must connect again with another network. The connection via app as well as via the browser worked easily in the practice test. HD movies have been transferred smoothly over about 40 meters through a wall. Where: everything plays off your device, can be streamed. (more…)

Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch (2011)

News now makes the new MacBook Air 13 inch with Intel’s Sandy Bridge-processor more pace and draws less power from the battery. In addition, it works with fresh operating program Mac OS X lion and the fleet Thunderbolt connection series. Like all Apple notebooks, a USB 3.0 port is missing but the air model. Positive mind: the lighted keyboard is back.

Main features
Screen and weight: a 33,78 centimeters large display with 1440 x 900 Bildpunkten.Prozessor has the 13.3 inch model (1.33 kg): MacBook Air 13-inch works with the upper-class CPU core i7, here with exceptionally two cores and 1.8 GHz Taktfrequenz.Speicher: a SSD hard disk with 256 GB is used for the usage.
great photos : The iPhone 5 could look
test: Apple MacBook Air 11 inch (MC969D/A) (more…)

Apple MacBook Air 2011: Sharp Sandwiches from Cupertino

It is amazing: the frosted carton weighs including cables, stickers and guide almost as much as the device. Wrapped like a big chocolate are these 1,000 grams on the desk: embarked in a cling film, part of the luxury petals by pulling a latch kind of alone. Yes, the MacBook Air offers one at out of the box, which has almost an erotic component. For proud owners sure to rotate through, because the cold shower there’s no reason long before pulling out: the wafer-thin models in the transparent negligee cost between 949 and 1.649 euro. Not per night, but still.
One at the price by two
The cheapest option is the 11.6 inch MacBook Air 1.6 GHz i5 processor (CPU) and 64 gigabytes (GB) Flash with 2 GB memory (RAM) for 949 euros. Be careful, because according to the hobbyist from RAM is firmly soldered, can not upgrade themselves so in contrast to the Flash drive. The tester also has a 11.6-inch LED display (resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels), a 1.8 gigahertz clocked i7 dual-core CPU, 256 GB large flash disk and 4 GB RAM (DDR3). Something fails then with 1.599 euros. For this there were two Windows 7 notebooks with ATI’s HD5850 graphics card that easily done is really any current game. But such comparisons really don’t want Apple users. Nobody compares a Honda sports car with an Aston Martin.

HTC EVO 3D Deeply Impressed without Glasses?


The HTC EVO 3D is equipped with a 1.2 GHz powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor. Thus, the Smartphone reacts very fast and fluid on input, just like the sleek 2D-Bruder HTC sensation. With the current version of HTC’s user interface sense a customizable, active lock screen is integrated, which allows direct access to some features such as camera, email, instant messaging or social networks. With the HTC watch service to access fee-based films. Like the active lock screen and HTC watch in detail, work, read sensation in the testing of the HTC. Who’s not exactly looking, runs the risk, unintentionally to touch one of the four sensor buttons below the display. Then you are suddenly in the main menu, even though you actually take a picture wanted to. (more…)

All Over the World Use Wi-Fi Hotspots: Skype WiFi App for the iPhone

Skype WiFi (formerly Skype access) is now also available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch available (System requirements: iOS 4.1 or higher with multitasking function). The app is available for free on the app store to download. It allows to go at hotspots around the world over a million online and pay with Skype credit. Hotspots are located, where frequent travelers come by: in hotels, at airports, railway stations, in Congress and exhibition centres, Cafés, bars or restaurants. The advantage of Skype WiFi is that you pay only for the minutes you consume. It is not necessary to buy a minute or hour package. The price per minute depends on the respective Hotspot operators and starts at five cents per minute. A data transfer limit there is not. (more…)