Overview: iPhone VIEW First Tests, New Windows 10 and OnePlus 3

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple’s latest smartphone, the small iPhone VIEW, is smoked in the first American critics hands. Below you can see what they designate as being good and less good, in Apple’s latest creation.

Reviewers verdict: Apple iPhone VIEW is small and genial
Seen from the outside, there is not much new in Apple’s latest iPhone VIEW, yet sounds mostly praise from the foreign tech-media.

Next to the new iPhone and new iPad Pro, came a new iOS version which has been shown not to be completely trouble-free ar. That is why even an update ready from Apple: (more…)

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LG G5s Metal Body Is Covered by Plastic

LG G5 has according to LG themselves a “pure metal body” with “a smooth metal surface”, but now it turns out that the metal back and sides are covered with two layers of plastic.

LG has in the official press release marketed G5-the top model as being “encased in a sleek, clean metal body” with “a smooth metal surface”. It turns out now, maybe to be a truth with modifications, after YouTube user JerryRig Everything has got his fingers in LG G5 and exposed it to its usual tests.

During his scratch test with a hobby knife in the back, he was, however, something of a surprise, as it turns out, that indeed has a G5 LG metal body, but hardly in the form of a “pure metal body”. The metal is covered with-not just one-but the whole two layers of plastic. (more…)

Telia Offers Free Voice and Data in 12 New Countries

Now offer Telia free data, voice and SMS in 12 new European countries with Roam Like Home package.

Holiday and work travel is just a little simpler when one is not dependent on the hotel or Café’s WiFi. Are you a customer of Telia, Telia’s Roam Like Home you can link to your subscription package and thereby release to depend on the local WiFi oases.

“We want to break down the geographic boundaries for how we use our mobile phone and tablet. Our latest survey shows that 64% of Danes often or always completely turn off data roaming off when they travel in Europe and thus prevents it from being able to find their way to the recommended restaurant via your phone, turn off the local sights up on the net or fx parts pictures on Facebook. In any case, it requires only that they find a local place with wifi, and it there is not much freedom, “says Christoph N, residential Director of Telia. (more…)

Here Are the Best Aprilsnarre from the Mobile World

It is the 1. April, and that means tradition a wealth of aprilsnarre. We have therefore compiled the funniest of them.

Are you hopped on an april fool’s joke or two during the day? Most likely, it is flourishing as always with a lot of its kind in honor of the occasion and we on the mobile site has certainly could not resist the temptation with the announcement of the remarkable app for your smartphone, CrackTrack, which is capable of measuring your body temperature at any unconventional manner.

But what has otherwise been to fun aprilsnarre in the mobile world? You can get an overview of this collection, which we have looked through the net for the funniest aprilsnarre, we could find. If you were to be dropped over one that we’ve missed, you are more than welcome to tip us about it in a comment below.


Fona Stores Closes with Game Sunset Sale-Makes a Coup [MOBILDEAL]

The 21. may close and off 48 Fona stores around the country. Inventory must be emptied out and you get good opportunities to make a good deal.

The 21. may close and off 48 Fona stores around the country. Inventory must be emptied out and you get good opportunities to make a good deal.

In just over one and a half month cuts the electronics chain Fona dramatically down on the number of businesses. As a result of several years of slack accounting and a restructuring process closes in all 48 of the company’s 56 stores.

Store closures mean that Fona are scrambling to sell off its goods before shops closed down. In total there are products for 250 million dollars to be sold before the stores closed for the last time in week 20. It writes our site. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Samsung’s Best Ever [TEST]

There are turned all the way up to imponator effect in Samsung star phone Galaxy S7 Edge

Soft curves, hyperdisplay, advanced technology and a promising camera-Samsung has not met again with their newest star in their mobile Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The recipe is simple, the Korean company have taken their best topmobil ever, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and made it better in almost all imaginable points.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge creates Rapture in the editors. Read therefore with including, where mobilsiden.dk dive into what is good and very good in Samsung latest toptelefon.


Sony Deploys Android Xperia Z2, Z3 and 6.0 for Z3 Compact

Now owners of Sony’s flagship phones from 2014 look forward to the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Sony promised six months ago that Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact will get an update to Google’s latest Android-version 6.0, also known as Marshmallow.

Now follows the Japanese mobile producer up on the promise by releasing Android 6.0.1 update for selected Sony Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact models. It writes our site.

However, it is not Danish Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact models, who get the new software in the first place.

So far it is only D6503, D6603 and D5803 variants that can download the update. These models are currently to be found in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa.  (more…)

9.5 million. Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Expected to Be Sold in 1. Quarter

The analysts screws expectations up to Samsung, who now is expected to have sold 9.5 million. Copies of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in 1. on a quarterly basis.

Before Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge landed in stores worldwide on 11 March , it was reported that Samsung had turned up for the production of the two top models, so that in the month of may would be produced throughout the 17 million. copies.

It now appears to have been a good idea, because according to ZDNet have analysts have now screwed up expectations in relation to how many copies Samsung has managed to long over the counter in this year’s 1. on a quarterly basis. From Korea investment & Securities’ Analyst, Jay Yoo, sounded the expectation initially at 7 million. copies of 1. on a quarterly basis. (more…)

Overview: Huawei P9 Launched, First Look at the iPhone VIEW

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple’s small iPhone VIEW, got this week Danish debut and the Danes could since the 5. April acquire the compact topmobil from Apple. View our site first test of the new mini-iPhone underneath:

Apple iPhone VIEW to test-first look [WEB]
Test of Apple’s newest iPhone is in progress. See here where mobilsiden.dk gives the first impression.

First bend test of the iPhone VIEW-not as strong as 6S
First bend test reveals that Apple’s latest smartphone is not as powerful as its big brothers. (more…)