Google Acquires Internet Service Provider ICOA for 400 Million Dollars (Denial)

Update: ICOA CEO has denied that Google has bought his company. Confirms that the note posted by several news media is false and advises that they have never had discussions with Google. I apologize.

Google has become to go shopping, but this time it was to buy ICOA, a provider of Internet services offered through broadband connection and WiFi access points in public places in more than 1,500 locations in 45 us States. (more…)

A Ring to Record Our Activities

About smart rings I have spoken many times, from proposals and easy to open doors via NFC, passing through a device capable of displaying notifications, to Nod, that can control other devices from gestures. Our protagonist today is called Ōura, and would like to register our activities.

We are possibly facing the functionality more easily see within a small device, since all mobiles, personal quantifiers, clocks or watches, have helped to develop the sensors of movement in space, but from there to put it in a ring, you always have to value it as an interesting development.

Ōura offers a device capable of recording physical activities, also monitor how is our dream, without using a bracelet, which is the most common place that we found so far. Depending on the user, you might find it more comfortable to sleep with a ring than with other types of wearable.

There is no screen or buttons, everything you need to view or control is done through a mobile, available for iOS and Android application

While some try to fix it, like Intel, designs are usually quite “technological”, even sports, so in Ōura decided to design something that passed unnoticed in this direction, creating a ring of clean lines. Are responsible for its forms the Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen and Kari Kivelä.

The chassis of the ring is built in ceramic -from zirconium – well-closed to be water resistant, and as hard as steel. Inside there are sensors to register movements, a sensor of heart rhythm, and space for a battery that gives a range of three days, and it loads in half an hour. Display box acts as a charger.

Ōura is put on sale in October – booking from July-, at a price of $250 in the United States. There will be a fairly wide range of sizes and two colors to choose: black with glossy or matte white.

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So the New Pebble 2.0 and the Appstore for IOS

We find the future in each of the things that we touch, we are or speak. But few times we achieved it. The vision of some people about what’s to come is almost mission impossible to the prosaic, and that blindness there are no more priest who observe a project rejected by their hands is a complete success in the hands of another. The technology is full of these stories, and today we’ll talk about one of them. (more…)

The Photos of Jobs, Batteries Smart and Notices

In a few days we will reach the month of August. The month of holiday par excellence but personally I always liked more September. And this year can be that much more because then Apple summer has some surprises to offer. The first of all will be the new iPhone what come then it will already be issue see it but no doubt, according to the rumors and calendar which usually mark the company is going to be very interesting. Meanwhile, we leave you with our weekly gathering. Our One More Thing… with which you expect to find not only news that you are of interest but some other blog on Apple to the perpetrators devote you great effort to provide their point of view. (more…)