Xperia Neo V And software Update for Xperia smartphones Announced

Xperia neo V

Sony Ericsson has announced to release the successor of the Xperia neo this year. As a new feature the neo V opts for HD video recording and playback, as well as video telephony. Also the current software is installed on the neo V already, at the same time announced for all newer Xperia smartphones Sony Ericsson.

Software update
In addition to an update of the Android operating system to version 2.3.4, Sony Ericsson plans a firmware update. This offers a number of new features such as 3D-Schwenkpanorama, deeper Facebook integration and enhanced support for USB devices. The more recent Android version enables video telephony. Updating is available for almost all Xperia models of 2011 available, except X 10-mini 10 and X the Xperia X 8. (more…)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Facilities and endurance
The free internal memory of the Xperia neo is only 320 megabytes not just lush for a Smartphone of this price class. However, Sony Ericsson smartphone attaches an eight-gigabyte memory card. That is too little, you use a microSD card with up to 32 gigabytes. With the microUSB interface the data exchange such as a USB hard drive works. You establish wireless connections through Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi n, UMTS. The battery is decent for a Smartphone: he holds even with intensive use at least ten hours.

The big brother in the test: Sony Ericsson arc

Display and housing
The touch screen is slightly bigger than the iPhone 4 with 3.7 inches (9.4 centimeters), with 854 x 480 pixels but has a smaller resolution. Nevertheless, the display is pleasantly sharp, but also unevenly lit and sensitive to scratches. The Xperia neo is 13 millimeters thick and weighs 127 Gramm. (more…)

MSI WindPad with Windows 7

Tablet PC for Windows environments

The WindPad is suitable as supplementary mobile device in a Windows desktop environment by the Microsoft operating system. Applications that you use on your desktop PC at work, are installable on the Tablet PC. For the mobile use of work you can transfer documents to the WindPad and continue editing from there.

Dual-core CPU from AMD

The hardware of the Tablet PC comes from the AMD. On the platform in energy-saving Brazos architecture, the dual core Z-01 with a clock speed of one gigahertz and DDR3 memory with a capacity of 1048 MB be used. (more…)

LG P920 Optimus 3D

Display and (3D-)Kamera
The scratch-resistant LCD touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches (10.9 cm) offers 480 x 800 pixel.) On it, the Optimus 3D points three-dimensional images without pole – or eyewear. Thanks to a special coating, each eye sees a slightly different angle (as in reality). The effect is active only in 3D mode and has no influence on the rendering in 2D mode. There’s second lens on the back for taking 3D photos and videos. In 2D mode, the camera creates full-HD resolution (1080 p), in 3D 720 p. A video stabilizer reduces wobbles at 3D movies. Transfer pictures and movies, with an HDMI adapter (about 20 euros) to a flat-screen TV or PC monitor. Create 2D photos, with effective 4.1 Megapixels. (more…)

Huawei Ideos X 3 with Android 2.3

Facilities and endurance
Although the Ideos X 3 to the entry class, you use almost all Smartphone features and apps that are reserved for other more expensive equipment. On board is the latest Android 2.3 (gingerbread). The Huawei mobile plays no Flash videos, Adobe Flash Player is not yet available. Delivered only a few apps or music on the 148 megabytes small memory fit, but a microSD card with up to 32 gigabytes of storage can help. The data exchange such as a USB stick is possible via microUSB socket. For wireless connectivity, UMTS, GPS, Wi-Fi-n and Bluetooth are available. The battery is not a perennial favorite: after six hours it was over the phone and listening to music.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG & co. Tempo
the Chinese manufacturer Huawei bought the Ideos X 3 only a 600-megahertz processor. This has consequences: the user interface responds sometimes slowly, apps start quicker on top smartphones. Surfing disturbs the slow loading speed. (more…)

TouchPad: Produced on HP Tablet

Update by August 31: second chance for the TouchPad?
After sales success of the TouchPad as a result of price reductions to 99 Euro has a spokeswoman from HP revised the withdrawal of the group from the Tablet market. Reuters reports that HP more TouchPads manufactures to meet the customer’s requirements. It is unclear how much it will only delay the end of the Tablet PC, HP or whether the American IT company attracts an evolution of the device and the operating system webOS.

HP rolls around
The Tablet effect HP Chief Leo spoke of pharmacists, the new market orientation of the group became known as the. Includes: smartphones and Tablet PCs like TouchPad and a number of pre set and stop the development of the mobile operating system webOS. Began the TouchPad for only $99 over the counter sales which went hardware to bargain basement prices, instead of 399 in the United States and sold magnificently. (more…)

New Antenna and Faster Processor for the iPhone 4S?

New housing other antenna position?

The blog specialized on Apple Rumors Mac rumors is reporting of technical details of the new iPhone. The authors here rely on images of components that have surfaced on the Internet. The two antenna outputs are here at another location than the iPhone 4 Mac rumors suggested that this is related to the different frequencies of different standards such as GSM and CDMA. To what extent that is due on the reception problems of the iPhone 4, is currently not.

iPhone 4s: information, pictures, videos

Faster processor
A short time later, another image has surfaced, showing the back of the iPhone. Striking is the similarity to the iPhone 4. The print on the right side on a dual-core A5 processor support suggests, as found in the iPad 2 is found; the slower A4 inside the iPhone 4. (more…)

Smartphone Update: Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

Faster and greater
The Samsung Galaxy S has the Samsung Galaxy plus already its model care behind. Now is also the top model Galaxy S2 on the series. The Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE will be presented at the IFA in Berlin. The Koreans increase the clock speed of 2 x 1, 2 GHz 2 x 1, 5 GHz and build up an NFC chip for uncomplicated payment operations and data exchange. With the eponymous LTE wireless technology is the S2 LTE for the new, fast standard. So that the endurance not unduly suffer, Samsung bought a larger battery. The resolution (800 x 480 pixels) remains intact, but the display grows to 4.5 inches (11.4 centimeters) thus decreases at the same number of pixels relative sharpness. The slim line of its predecessor suffers from the measures: the Galaxy S2 LTE is growing in all dimensions (see table) and sets out to about 15 grams. (more…)

Tablet-PC: Samsung shows LTE-Enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Update)

Galaxy tab now LTE capable

The Tablet PC with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi offers thanks to the new LTE module now four ways to connect wireless n standard and HSPA + (UMTS). On the almost 23 centimeter device is the Android operating system in version 3.2 used. Samsung has the LTE version in addition still missed a new dual-core processor: it brought the ancestor at a clock frequency of only one gigahertz, now runs the CPU at 1.5 gigahertz a tad bit faster.

Smaller Galaxy Tab as a Stopgap

With 8.9 inch, Samsung operated a unusual until now housing size. For any technical, but a legal declaration can be found: for Apple the Galaxy tab in the ten-inch format is similar to the iPad 2. The group saw a violation of trademark law and sued. In August 2011, it came to the provisional sales ban. (more…)

Samsung’s Smartphone Classification

Larger Galaxy
Samsung enlarged the product range: the manufacturer agrees its smartphones on the interests of individual groups of buyers from young to old, whether recreational or professional. To the overview, he shares the models in five categories. Within the group, there are three additional variants. The new names to help customers to quickly see their performance characteristics and to classify the mobile phones.

All the Galaxy series phones running the Android operating system. The wave series includes devices with Bada operating system. Here read more about the categories: (more…)

New Apple Boss: Who Is Tim Cook?

Tim Cook is considered in addition to jobs as one of the main architects of the economic success of the iPhone and iPad manufacturer. The chief operating officer responsible for the day-to-day business ensures that after the implementation of bold visions at the end of black figures in the books are. The US magazine Fortune paid tribute as the genius behind Steve of Cook.
All about the resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple crisis: upheld Cook
Jobs brought the former IBM and Compaq Manager 1998 Apple and cook quickly cracked down when the company was struggling. He graduated its own production plants and put on customer-driven companies. He melted the stocks from months to days. So were at Apple during the rapid model change in the electronics industry no outlet devices as contaminated sites around. (more…)